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The NuWave team is working with Medxcel on portfolio wide LED upgrades to exterior spaces and parking garages across the Ascension Health, one of the leading and non-profit Catholic Healthcare systems in the US. The work has included upgrades to more than 30 hospitals across a number of states helping save significant energy and making the campuses a safer environment for hospital patients and staff.

Our skilled team worked closely with the Medxcel team to audit, develop and deliver LED upgrades to garages and exterior lighting to improve lighting and safety while replacing older inefficient technology that also provide significant maintenance savings. The projects saved more than 8 million kWh and reduced the exterior lighting energy by nearly 70% and qualified for significant utility incentives.




The LED projects were designed to ensure the health network parking lots and garages were designed consistently that meet light level standards and minimize shadows and glare around buildings and parking lots.

  • LED Lighting Upgrades


    • The projects saved more than 8 million kWh annually while reducing lighting energy by nearly 70%.
    • LED lighting provides significant maintenance savings because of their efficiency and long life.
    • The project also greatly enhanced the safety of the hospitals by ensuring proper light levels were achieved and eliminating light pollution.

Parking Garage Before & After

Exterior Space Before & After