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This multinational technology firm has a number of data centers and office spaces through out the US to service its clients as well as internal operations. The NuWave team evaluated, planned, and implemented an extensive renovation to several of the office locations. They took a comprehensive approach to controlling and enhancing its data center’s lighting and energy efficiency. This technological company would like to reduce its net zero greenhouse emissions 65% by 2025 to address the ongoing global climate crisis.




The NuWave team examined several of the facilities and upgraded every single LED fixture on the site, in addition to the office space modifications. This featured lighting for both the inside and outside of the buildings. New LED fixtures in the parking lots and office areas not only reduced total energy consumption, but also improved the building’s safety and aesthetics for other employees. NuWave identified several energy conservation opportunities that qualified for utility incentives.

    • Interior LED Lighting Upgrades
    • Exterior LED Lighting Upgrades


    • LED Lighting upgrades were made to the interior and exterior of the production, warehouse and office spaces.


    • Both locations achieved more constant lighting color temperature and a significant reduction in required lighting maintenance, among other operational savings and energy system benefits.


    • By upgrading to an LED lighting system, this company has significantly reduced energy and maintenance costs and has created an improved working environment.


    • The reduction in carbon footprint is equivalent to eliminating 555 passenger automobiles from the road for a year.


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