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Hospitals truly find the business case for improving energy efficiency compelling.  Energy represents nearly half of the budget of a health-care facility – second only to wages. On average, US hospitals spend around $3.00 per square foot on electricity. And there’s a lot of waste energy – up to 30 percent – because over the years so many systems have been repaired and replaced in a piecemeal fashion.

In addition to the substantial financial benefits that integrated energy systems offer, indoor climate and comfort enhancements have been proven to improve both patient rehabilitation and staff efficiency.

Hospitals need to partner with an energy program developer to be successful that truly understands a hospital’s critical operations — one that can deliver a guaranteed, budget-neutral energy saving strategy that will have a positive impact on patients, staff, and visitors.

In short, hospitals should partner with an energy program developer to provide all the financial, technological, construction, measurement, monitoring and reporting necessary to ensure that all of their goals and goals are met.


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