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CSG Partners was established in 2006 as a real estate development and investment firm. This firm specializes in all aspects of current property purchase and redevelopment, as well as land acquisition and development, leasing, property management, and construction. They have 3, four-story office buildings located at 9861,9841, and 9801 Broken Land Parkway in Columbia, MD. The NuWave development team examined the survey results and proposed a number of project alternatives to satisfy the facility’s needs.



NuWave Energy engineers implemented a new comprehensive BAS system upgrade from pneumatics to DDC, as well as improving run times and installing Variable-Frequency Drives on the existing chiller and condenser.  The buildings will be able to increase its degree of control and optimize its energy consumption through air temperature rest, optimal start/stop, static pressure rest, greater occupant comfort, and other enhanced energy savings approaches.  Each terminal until will receive new temperature sensors and airflow stations as part of the project.

The NuWave team worked closely with this longstanding customer to upgrade the buildings to LED fixtures with integrated advanced controls. The projects were done on campus upgrading the common areas, tenant spaces and exterior lighting to LED.

Nuwave, a Business Program Service Provider for the Baltimore Gas & Electric EmPower Maryland Smart Energy Savings Program qualified the project for significant incentives.


    • Complete BAS System Upgrade
    • AHU’s, SAT, RAT Sensors
    • SP & VAV Terminal Devices
    • Installed VFD’s
    • Installed LED Fixtures
    • Installed Integrated Advance Controls


    • The new LED fixtures provide a significant reduction in lighting energy use and save more than $58,000 per year.
    • The integrated advanced controls provide occupancy controls, daylighting and dimming which maximizes energy savings, prolongs the life of the fixtures and provides greater tenant comfort.
    • By providing on-bill funding for the project with CSG’s electricity supplier the projects were implemented with no up front capital and provide immediate operational savings and increase the value of the buildings.
    • CSG Partners will save more than $160,000 in yearly energy costs by using the new energy management system.
    • Lighting upgrade solutions save energy and maintenance costs, while improving the tenant and common spaces.
    • The reduction in carbon footprint is equivalent to 81,161 gallons of gasoline consumed.


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