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Established in 1973, Church Park has set the standard for high-end urban living and is located in the heart of Boston’s beautiful Back Bay, half-way between popular Newbury Street and historic Symphony Hall. Boyd/Smith’s 221 Mass Avenue location is an eleven story multi-unit building with a single-story underground parking garage. The parking garage runs the entire length of the building and encompasses three addresses. Each address has its own electrical room in the garage space. Eversource is utilizing these electrical rooms as the central hub for each address’ EV charging station network.


According to studies, 85 percent of electric vehicle (EV) charging occurs at home, however apartments and condominiums, also known as multifamily buildings, typically do not have this access. There will need to be 9.6 million new EV charging ports by 2030, with nearly 80% located in single and multifamily residential buildings.

Management firms and multifamily property owners want solutions that are developed, installed, and managed to meet their specific needs. NuWave Energy Solutions chose EV BOX to implement the rollout of installing charging stations for Boyd/Smith. Simplifying the setup, maintenance, and optimization of charging stations, from installation to driver support, can enable multifamily residences to plan for the extension of EV charging infrastructure that will provide benefits in the future.

EV BOX is the world’s largest provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, with more than 85,000 operating in 55+ countries. Meeting the charging needs of the 125 million EV drivers estimated to be on our roads by 2030 would require an exponential and continuous increase in public and private charging stations. Local, state and federal sustainability programs qualified the project for significant incentives.

  • Installed EV Charging Stations


    • Provides a solution for existing residents requesting charging, and increases property values for all owners with Future-proof, “EV-ready” infrastructure and policy
    • EV Box provides top quality hardware and modular build gives incredibly reliable service that is also simple and inexpensive to repair
    • 99% uptime and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)
    • Multifamily communities carbon footprint is essentially greater than that of single-family homes


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