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Building Management Systems and Upgrades to Building Automation

Since its introduction, Building Management Systems (BMS) have developed into an essential component for controlling the energy usage of a building.   A BMS covers all the specific deployment frameworks including:

  • HVAC

  • Mechanical

  • Security

  • Lighting

If used correctly, the BMS can be a powerful tool for facilities staff.   However, it is believed that buildings with an incorrectly configured BMS will waste up to 20 percent of the energy of that building.   Additionally, many buildings have a BMS that has not been updated or modified, resulting in outdated technology still operating like pneumatic controls, or worse, lack of control over certain parts of building systems due to failure of components.

We’ll get started with your BMS

The first step is to understand the scope of what is actually being done in a given facility and then what are the most cost-effective ways to address the various problems that have been discovered. In many instances it is possible to upgrade the existing system with newer technology that incorporates it with the existing system to modern standards.

In other instances, implementing an entirely new system might be easier. The opportunity to use new technologies such as wireless network controls and open protocol systems offers many choices that are worth considering, and valuable opportunities for upgrading older systems are available in many areas.