| High Performance Lighting Systems


A lighting retrofit is usually one of the most cost effective ways for facilities to reduce energy use. The improvements in LED fixture technology combined with advanced controls now allows for even more savings, with the added benefits of scheduling and knowledge of energy use similar to other building systems.


In the past, lighting retrofits were mostly limited to one-for-one replacement of fixtures with the latest lamp and ballast technology. Recent improvements in LED technology allow for better uniformity of light, meaning that in many cases the fixtures not only use much less energy but fewer are required to properly light a given space.


The most powerful attribute of LED lighting technology is the ability to individually dim fixtures to appropriate light levels, achieving additional savings as well as longer fixture life.



  • Scheduling during specific hours

  • Integration of photoelectric sensors to dim down fixtures when light is present via windows or skylights

  • The ability to turn fixtures off if the room is sensed to be unoccupied via motion sensors

The net result is increased savings, intelligent control and the ability to tune the lighting system to perfectly match a particular environment.